What is Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%?

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% is an FDA-approved antibiotic that fights bacteria. Its generic name is Tobramycin ophthalmic which is used for eyes. It is available as liquid suspension and ointment. Both are prescribed by the eye doctor. It belongs to the drug class of ophthalmic anti-infective. To Order Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Online is safe to use for adults and children. It is an effective medicine that works fast and cures bacterial infections in the eye. It relieves eye pain and treats symptoms and signs of infection. Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% can be used alone or with other medication that does not include other eye drops or any eye-related medicines in Franklin Park, IL. The medicine does contain steroids.

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What is Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Used For?

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% or Tobramycin is used for preventing bacteria in eyes like Pink eye infection. It helps to kill the germs and also stops them from growing. Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% also prevents conjunctivitis which is caused by eye infections. Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Ointment And Eye Drops can be used for the same purpose. The doctor will prescribe Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% if it fits your condition across Franklin Park, IL.

How To Use Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%?

The usage of Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% should be according to the doctor. The simple way of using is that tilt your head back, look in the upward direction, and slightly pull the lower lash line to make a pouch. Carefully squeeze the 1 cm strip of Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% ointment and gently place it in the pouch. Close your eyes slowly and roll the eyeball in a circular motion to gently spread the ointment in the inner eye. Try to stay in that position for 1 to 2 minutes and then slowly open your eyes. Buy Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Online to get rid of eye pain and bacterial infection of the eye in Franklin Park, IL.

Why Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% is Prescribed?

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% is a prescription medicine that treats Ocular Inflammation and bacterial infection of the eye. The eyes are a very sensitive organ in our body that cannot be treated irresponsibly that is why it is better to take Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Use according to the doctor's prescription in Franklin Park, IL because excessive intake of the medicine might lose its effectiveness.

What Conditions Does Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Treat?

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% efficiently treats only bacterial infection in the eyes. It includes swelling around the eyes, pain, and redness in the inner eye. Even the Best Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% does not help in treating a fungal or viral infection in the eyes. It belongs to the Aminoglycoside antibiotics class of drugs which help in stopping the growth of bacteria and completely cure it across Franklin Park, IL.

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Dosage

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% is a strong antibiotic. The dosage should be prescribed by the doctor and used according to it across Franklin Park, IL. The standard dose consists of a 1.3 cm strip of ointment or 1 to 2 drops of liquid suspension in the inner eye every 2 to 4 hours regularly. Use the medicine timely and if you miss a dose, use the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost the time for the next Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% Dose, then just skip the missed one. Also, never use extra medicine to make up for the missed dose.

How Apply The Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%?

Close your eyes for 2 or 3 minutes with your head tipped down, without blinking or squinting. Gently press your finger to the inside corner of the eye for about 1 minute, to keep the liquid from Draining Into Your Tear Duct. Use only the number of drops your doctor has prescribed. If you use more than one drop, wait about 5 minutes between drops.

Who Should Not Take Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%?

Do not use Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% eye preparations if you:

  • If are allergic to tobramycin or to any of the ingredients of the medication.
  • If are allergic to other medications of the same class of antibiotics.

Side Effects of Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%:

Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% has mild side effects. Severe side effects of Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% are rarely reported in some cases that include:

  • Dizziness
  • Dryness Of Tongue
  • Fever
  • Fungal Infection In The Eyes 
Mild Side Effects Are:
  • Watery Eyes
  • Redness In The Inner Eye
  • Burning Or Stinging Sensation
  • Itching Or Irritations Causing Tearing
  • Eyes Become Sensitive To Light
  • Swelling Around The Eyes Or On The Eyelid

Cautions To Take Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30%:

Cautions to take Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% are:

  • Wash hands and clean eyes with sanitizing wipes.
  • Remove contact lenses and sterilize them too.
  • Tobrex Ophthalmic Solution 0.30% may discolor contact lenses so avoid using medicine while wearing them.
  • Do not breastfeed the baby.
  • Do not touch the tip of the tube to avoid contamination. 
  • After using wipe the tip of the tube and then re-cap it immediately.
  • Do not let the tube touch your eyes.
  • Do not rub or blink after applying the ointment. 
  • Avoid direct heat or sunlight.